Chania Crete Venetian harbour

The Venetian harbor in Rethymno

Colorful buildings that overlook the sea with Venetian and Turkish architectural influences and a picturesque lighthouse built in the 17th century on the edge of the Venetian breakwater make up one of the most beautiful images of the city, just to the point that touches the sea.

The bustling waterfront framed by the tables of numerous tavernas and cafés is the ultimate meeting place all day and night.

Being in Crete automatically means that you are in a place famous for its:

  • flavors and its “real” scents
  • vast dreamy beaches
  • Venetian old towns
  • Castles and palm groves
  • Wild canyons
  • Unique archaeological sites
  • Cosmopolitan resorts
  • Traditional recipes at the top of the Mediterranean diet